100 Years After The Party Teapot

100 Years After The Party Teapot

by LWW on June 12, 2013

Makiko Nakamura is an innovative designer who plays on both sides of the form/function divide. Her useful tableware is certainly stunning but we love her playful sculptural endeavors just as well.

The 100 Years After the Party Teapot is a piece from a whimsical collection based on a fairy tale of her own creation. The story starts with an abandoned porcelain tea set left lonely and bare at the end of civilization, gold paint worn away by a century of rain. A wandering bird drops a fateful seed that eventually encompasses everything in a spectacular verdure of flowers and foliage.

The creamy white porcelain looks so delicate and alive. You can actually see a tiny touch of gold on the rim. Subtle textures pop out in unexpected places. The 100 Years After The Party Teapot tells a story all its own.

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