A Fresh Start for Living with White!

by Vish & Asia on August 25, 2009

A Fresh Start for Living with White!

Thanks for stopping by our newly-launched website. We’ve been discussing & planning this blog for some time and are thrilled to finally have it up and running!

We’re passionate about white. We’re not saying everything should be or needs to be white – we just feel white is special in many ways and deserves to be Celebrated!

We love white because it’s pure, clean, calming, simple, neutral, natural, untouched and lots of other great things that truly make us feel good in all the senses. ;)

Living with White will be updated daily with fresh white design finds, white interior design ideas and white inspirations.

Meantime here are a couple of things you can do to keep in touch and stay connected with us:

Please leave a comment. Share your thoughts and experiences.

Thank you for your support! ;)

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