A Strong Start: White Design Tips for Your New Abode!

A Strong Start: White Design Tips for Your New Abode!

by LWW on December 23, 2012

The best part of moving to a new home is that moment when the major repairs are out of the way, after sweeping away the sawdust and spider webs, when the full interior design canvas comes into view. Whether you already have a specific white design vision or want to experience the space for a while before beginning, this quick guide will highlight a few tips to begin the project.

Tackling Big Decisions First

No matter which room is getting the white interior design treatment, it helps to start the project with a good solid foundation. White is not the end-all that many decorators believe and designing with this open-ended color can prove tricky.

For example, many first-time decorators will run into the problem of “mismatched” whites. This happens when mixing color temperatures – warm whites need to stay with warm whites, cool with cool. If you have crisp blue-white furniture, painting the walls a creamy color would likely be a mistake. A good foundation will save hours of trouble in the future.

Choosing the temperature of white is a good first step for any interior design project but color coordination is only one part of the formula. Starting from scratch in a new home gives you the opportunity to clarify your design goal and you should seize the moment.

Your design needs to look deliberate: rustic furniture alone doesn’t make a cottage bedroom interior, but the addition of rich textiles and white painted floors can tie the look together. Stainless steel appliances alone are not enough for a minimalist modern kitchen, you have to continue the clean aesthetic from window treatments all the way to the cooking utensils.

This might be a good time to find out where certain improvements fall into your home insurance plan. Are the cabinets and countertops under the building coverage? Which appliances does contents insurance cover? Homeowners who buy home insurance cover from and other renovation-friendly insurers will find contents coverage included, but every insurer has different conditions and limits.

Starting with a solid foundation ensures that your new white interior is sure to support the evolution of your modern design tastes. A sensible design leaves room for evolution. We hope that your project goes off without a hitch, whichever room you choose to highlight with white.

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