AirCoral Lamp Designed by Andrea Sensoli

AirCoral Lamp Designed by Andrea Sensoli

by LWW on November 7, 2013

Designed by Andrea Sensoli for Buzzi & Buzzi, LEAF is a minimalist lamp created to exacting specifications. The edges disappear into the wall completely, the form is crisp as a fresh sheet of paper.

The smooth white surface is paintable for easy customization.

The aesthetic is trim and stylish but we think the material is incredible as well. This semi-inset sconce is an AirCoral Lamp – AirCoral is an antibacterial, antiallergenic material that uses purifying photocatalytic technology to improve indoor air quality.

This streamlined lamp is a cool choice for a simple white interior. Every AirCoral Lamp is a conversation starter, but the LEAF has to be our favorite.

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