Amazing Swedish White Interior

Amazing Swedish White Interior

by LWW on March 28, 2011

This beautiful modern apartment is located in Malmö, Sweden and really takes advantage of the ample sunlight supplied by all the large windows. Though the apartment is small, white space is used judiciously in conjunction with clean simple lines to create an open and deceivingly spacious appearance.

The apartment showcases uncluttered contemporary space that is defined by touches of color including deep chocolate browns and crisp black accents. A large organic rug covers the painted white floor, almost looking like a drop of spilled coffee. The kitchen is displays outstanding creative design using the contrast of childlike neon sink backing with the recurring white interior to take some relief from the intentionally stark surroundings. We like the fact that this designer interior takes a minimalist approach and eliminates many handle fixtures, but implements decorative beaded strings to open wardrobes and closets.

This Swedish White Interior has a clean design and utilizes only the most essential furnishings for an uncomplicated but oh-so-sophisticated look and feel.

via: desire to inspire

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