Apartment 27B – Center of the City in Malmo

Apartment 27B - Center of the City in Malmo

by LWW on October 4, 2012

The charming Apartment 27B Malmo is a delightful white design that we are sure you’ll enjoy.

Be on the lookout for an eclectic mix of furnishings selected from multiple eras – a formidable source of inspiration. The kitchen is a fantastic example with atomic age chairs just feet away from the lovingly distressed cottage curio shelf. Beveled subway tiles make the small, slim room look radiant.

Classic herringbone flooring and intricate molded ceilings frame a perfectly modern interior. The lighting is just as varied, displaying qualities ranging from industrial to truly whimsical.

Which room is your favorite? We definitely like the bright white office, but the awesome terrace and daybed would tempt us from work. The oversized yet highly functional mirror is a great touch. It looks like the perfect place to let the creativity flow.

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