Art Collectors Loft by Poteet Architects

Art Collectors Loft by Poteet Architects

by LWW on July 25, 2012

Can you believe that this beautiful space used to house a factory in the roaring 1920s? The atmosphere of downtown San Antonio has changed a lot since those days and needed a major update to suit. We think Poteet Architects did a spectacular job on the transformation.

The Art Collectors Loft tells its story through objects. The epoxy floors, bright walls, and white wooden ceiling provide a pristine backdrop for the resident’s collection of art and modern furniture – everything in its place, and so perfectly at that.

The dining room is our favorite. White, yellow, and gray make such a welcoming place to sit down and get social. We love the chandeliers that hang like a mobile. The mobile chandelier is just one of many functional pieces of art that decorate this gorgeous white interior.

It really is the ideal home for an art collector. The entire upper floor is a gallery space, partnered with an outstanding terrace for entertainment after guests make their tour of the home.

Do you collect art? How do you display it? Let us know if you were able to gather any interior design ideas from the Art Collectors Loft – we’d love to share your inspiration!

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