Barretta M9 Pistol Gun Soaps

Barretta M9 Pistol Gun Soaps

by LWW on September 11, 2013

Dirty Harry may have used a Smith & Wesson, but these Berretta M9 Pistol Gun Soaps would have helped him get a better nickname.

Each decorative soap is handmade and hand-molded by SkyRainSoap over at Etsy. We love the white design but you can request any color you like – the same goes for the scent choice. SkyRainSoap offers delicious scents like teakwood and pomegranate, ranging to stranger selections like bacon and beer.

We think these Berretta M9 Pistol Gun Soaps would make great party favors and stylish novelty gifts, or you could put them in your own bathroom as extra edgy decor.

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