Bilt House: The Love of Modern Art and Furniture

Bilt House: The Love of Modern Art and Furniture

by LWW on October 6, 2011

Tim Van de Velde is an accomplished photographer of many subjects, but his fantastic explorations of unique modern design interiors are what keep us infatuated with his work. In this photographic tour of the incredibly unique Bilt House, you will see the life of an artist and collector laid out before you in a story woven by objects against a backdrop of dramatic white design.

Custom furniture is built to fit in the odd nooks and crannies of this pyramidal home – and while the furnishings themselves exhibit tasteful minimalism, the surfaces act as intimate gathering places for the resident’s favorite ornaments and sentimental pieces. Framed art is so abundant that floods walls with a riot of color and sprouts up from the tops of desktops and tables.

The Bilt House is so eclectic and exciting that it becomes a great source of design inspiration, made of thousands of tiny bits and pieces; you’re sure to find something in this beautiful space that sparks an idea, or two, or three!

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