Blaue Blume White Tea Set

Blaue Blume White Tea Set

by LWW on December 8, 2010

This sassy white tea set is absolutely unlike anything you have seen at a tea party before! Tina Tsang designed this modern tea set with usability that is far beyond what such delicate-looking pieces should be capable of.

Each piece of this ceramic tea set is textured with lace that looks so creamy it appears to be soft to the touch. Eye-catching legs adorn each piece and are topped with the most fabulous little high-heels which come in red, gold, or silver to match most dining-area décor.

Our favorite piece of the Blaue Blume tea set is the sugar dish modeled after a clawed tub- when filled it appears that those playful legs are sticking up out of a sensuous bubble bath!

The Blaue Blume White Tea Set will add a dimension of attitude and fun to any social gathering that calls for hot beverages.

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