Bright White Kitchens are as In as Ever!

Bright White Kitchens are as In as Ever!

by LWW on July 25, 2012

Is a bright white kitchen starting to encroach on the spotlight belonging to stainless steel? Some designers believe so! White kitchens do seem to be hot right now, both in magazines and in homes, and we thought we would use this opportunity to talk about why white still rocks.

The Modern White Kitchen

The resurgence of white kitchen design may be due in part to the effortless appeal of minimalism and the wide selection of smooth white kitchen appliances available today from sources like Bunnings. We think that high-end vintage appliances helped usher in the trend. Retro refrigerators and antique stoves are difficult to coordinate, but easy to work into any design scheme if you only have white to deal with.

Speaking of vintage, some of the biggest fans of stainless steel will tell you they chose stainless because white was going the way of harvest gold. This may have been true a few decades ago, but white kitchen appliances are more beautiful now than ever before. We love the combination of glossy white appliances and steel trim – you get the fresh modern look of steel with the lightness of bright white.

Is anything off-limits to today’s white design aficionados? Many remodelers are concerned about how well stains and dirt show up on white surfaces and avoid this color for countertops and floors. Nevertheless, if you’re like us, you can appreciate the ability to see the grime as it accumulates so you can counteract accordingly. In a sense, nothing is off limits!

Have you been yearning for a white kitchen? Now would be the time to explore your options – manufacturers know that white is in high demand, leading to an abundance of white on showroom floors. It may be a little bit counterintuitive to go against stainless but white design fans know that simplicity is sometimes the best way to break the mold.

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