Brilliant White Rubber Chandelier by Tobias Wong

by Asia on May 6, 2010

Brilliant White Rubber Chandelier by Tobias Wong

Growing up, we always had a crystal chandelier in our house’s main entrance. I can still remember my Mom complaining about the arduous process of cleaning each and every shinny little crystal. The White Rubber Chandelier by Tobias Wong doesn’t necessarily require as much crystal cleaning as the more traditional ones.

In this modern piece, Tobias Wong decided to encase an entire chandelier with industrial white rubber. It may be an unusual technique but the result is spectacular and quite special. The white chandelier feels much more softer and muted than in it’s dazzling original state. I love how the designer plays perfectly with two distinct styles.

The White Rubber Chandelier is also completely customizable. All you have to do is peel the rubber back to your own desire to reveal the crystal for a totally unique modern crystal chandelier. Brilliant!

Though they’re completely different, this chandelier reminds me of the White Paper Chandelier from moooi that we posted earlier. Tobias Wong’s totally wins me over on this one!

More on the Rubber Chandelier at CITIZEN:Citizen.

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