Bubbles White Candle Holder

Bubbles White Candle Holder

by LWW on December 15, 2010

The bubbles candle holder by Jaime Hayon looks much different from what you would expect. In fact, this design takes a 360 degree turn from the usual sleek lines and minimal design by making a bold contrast between the straight traditional candlesticks and the extremely organic form that holds them.

This distinctive piece holds five tapered candles and presents them in a beautiful staggered display, which could definitely take on its own character if the sticks shrink at different speeds. A single golden ball adds a bit of surprise and seasonal elegance to this creamy white ceramic candle holder- a creative touch that doesn’t overwhelm the piece.

As a delightful centerpiece or a mantle decoration the Bubbles White Candle Holder demands attention not with screaming colors or shocking design, but with a texture that the eye begs to explore.

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