Canopy Modern Bird Feeder

Canopy Modern Bird Feeder

by LWW on August 10, 2011

Every curious kid tries to make a handmade bird feeder at some point or another, but the results, while endearing, are rarely as attractive and charming as this cute Etsy find!

This modern bird feeder is a delightful piece of outdoor eye candy, sure to keep the cheerful chirpers full of seed while you enjoy the lively natural entertainment. A piece of protective polyvinyl acts as the playfully sculpted canopy, keeping the hanging bird feeder treats safe and dry on a solid walnut-framed aluminum mesh screen. Winged visitors balance on adorable twig-shaped pegs to socialize and dine.

The Canopy Birdfeeder would make a great surprise gift for the curious birdwatcher or stylish wildlife enthusiast.

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