Capps Residence by Poteet Architects

Capps Residence by Poteet Architects

by LWW on March 22, 2013

This lovely terrace-wrapped Victorian home has a surprise inside – the classic exterior gives way to a fully updated modern interior, one of the most exciting executions of a monochromatic color scheme we have ever seen. The Capps Residence is a delightful sight through and through.

With a charcoal black floor and brilliant white interior design, lit by smart gallery lighting, Poteet Architects managed to give the residents a perfect home for their impressive and playful collection of contemporary art.

The art really does make each room special. The dining room features bold graphical elements, the small office nook is feminine and powerful, bathrooms decorated with bold Rorschach damask and brilliant blue tile in turn. The Rorschach bathroom in particular shows that daringly large prints can work in the smallest of spaces.

Another surprise hides around every turn. This white home is surely a welcoming place for friends and guests to gather. The social aspect was a driving force behind the modern design and wide-open layout.

We think the Capps Residence is one of a kind – what about you?

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