Casa Vilar in Aveiro Portugal

Casa Vilar in Aveiro Portugal

by LWW on September 8, 2011

You gotta check this one out! The white modern interior of the Casa Vilar is calm, inviting, and oh-so-enviable – but the fine details are what really set this place off.

Furniture is the obvious focus – oversized, unique, shapely piece dominate the expansive white interior landscape. The effect is a cozy space, not too crowded, made comfortable by sensible furnishings that define purpose for each room. The dining area is a great example – organic neutral chairs, a huge table, and a bold floor lamp take up most of the space, but light walls and simple forms keep the atmosphere cohesive and airy.

We wish we knew which talented Portuguese designer is behind this spectacular home – but until we find out, we are perfectly content with admiring the Casa Vilar from a purely aesthetic point of view.

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