Contemporary / Modern Designer Lighting

Modern lighting ideas and the best designer lighting we can find that celebrates the wonders of white. Contemporary lighting inspirations for any design project! You just might find the perfect white floor lamp to spruce up your living space or office.

Thumbnail image for Rituals XL Light from Foscarini

Rituals XL Light from Foscarini

March 20, 2015

The gorgeous Rituals XL Light captured our imagination at first sight. In creating the Rituals collection, architects Ludovica and Roberto Palomba found inspiration in the weightless forms of Japanese paper […]

Thumbnail image for 360 Light Deep Jungle From Artecnica

360 Light Deep Jungle From Artecnica

January 19, 2015

360 Light Deep Jungle is an interactive sculpture, made of layered pages fanning out around a simple lamp. Each page is unique, cut with laser clarity and layered to reveal […]

Thumbnail image for Le Trulle Pendant Lamp

Le Trulle Pendant Lamp

August 25, 2014

These ceramic pendant lamps are beautiful and curvaceous, drawing inspiration from historic rural architecture of Southern Italy. Trulli are Apulian buildings constructed with a wide-open interior space covered by a […]

Thumbnail image for AIM Pendant from FLOS

AIM Pendant from FLOS

July 13, 2014

The AIM Pendant Collection expresses its beauty through composition, interaction, and function. There are no extraneous features – designers Rowan and Erwin Bouroullec stripped these white suspension lamps down to […]

Thumbnail image for Sparkling Loop Wall Lamp

Sparkling Loop Wall Lamp

May 28, 2014

Smooth white lacquer on the outside, sparkling Swarovski within – the Loop Wall Lamp is a joint effort between luxury Barcelona lighting designer Vibia and the ubiquitous Swarovski, combining the […]

Thumbnail image for Spun Floor Light

Spun Floor Light

May 7, 2014

This modern white lamp has such a strong visual presence. Designer and sculptor Sebastian Wrong wanted to create a lamp that combines minimalism with aesthetic drama, opting for silky smooth […]

Thumbnail image for Fascinating Like Paper Lamps

Fascinating Like Paper Lamps

March 5, 2014

These simple white lamps are more than a little surreal. Instead of the lightweight paper one would expect, each lampshade is actually composed entirely of textural concrete. The series comes […]

Thumbnail image for Cloud Softlight Mobiles and Pendants

Cloud Softlight Mobiles and Pendants

January 27, 2014

These gorgeous Cloud Softlight Mobiles and Pendants have a fitting name and a sunny disposition. The designers at Molo took inspiration from the famous kinetic mobiles of Alexander Calder, the […]

Thumbnail image for Ice Flow Suspension Lamp

Ice Flow Suspension Lamp

January 2, 2014

The wintry Ice Flow Suspension Lamp uses glass gems faceted like rough stones to scatter light. The composition helps it to seem somewhat airy – like a cloud of crystals […]

Thumbnail image for Flameless Embedded String Light Pillar Candles

Flameless Embedded String Light Pillar Candles

December 10, 2013

Like stars sunken in soft snow – these Flameless Embedded String Light Pillar Candles are gorgeous and maybe even a little whimsical. The exterior is made of wax with an […]

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