White Modern Living Room Furniture and Design Ideas

Variety of modern living room furniture pieces that keep things light and stylish. We’re not implying you outfit your entire space with white living room furniture – unless if you want to of course! Consider these awesome modern living room ideas for your next design project.

Thumbnail image for Super Incredible Flux Chair

Super Incredible Flux Chair

September 28, 2011

What would you describe the ideal modern design characteristics of a chair to be? Lightweight, portable, stylish, sensible, comfortable? All of the above? Well, get ready – because the Flux […]

Thumbnail image for Modern Classic Jaan Sofa from Walter Knoll

Modern Classic Jaan Sofa from Walter Knoll

August 15, 2011

If you’re in need of some ultra-casual home decorating ideas, this Jaan Sofa by Walter Knoll is sure to kick-start that imagination! This modern leather sofa is balanced and light, […]

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White Modern Home Decorating Ideas | "Some say those that love white are afraid of color. We feel those that love color just might be afraid of white!":P

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