Charming White Apartment in Linnestaden

Charming White Apartment in Linnestaden

by LWW on June 23, 2011

Doesn’t this contemporary space get you excited? This Swedish white apartment just drips with chic urban luxury, but that doesn’t stop simplicity from making a grand, sweeping statement from room to room.

This White Apartment has so much more charm than the name implies. The living room is stylishly furnished and sensibly arranged – the ingredients for a great family space.

Leather ottoman duos hold their place in the vast open area, a fun touch that adds a bit of worldly drama on the other side of the room. A shag circular rug brings the main living room of this fabulous white interior together.

We love the delicate potted flowers throughout the house; the rustic terracotta containers are just a thrift-store and a weekend away from being a look that you can pull off at home. Those very same flowers tie back into the throw pillows on the living room couch – a clever way to add a pillow party in the entertainment area.

The kitchen and dining room are also worth a glance (the classic black and white checkered floor tile pattern is intriguingly modern and light, for one) – the surprises held within the White Apartment are almost too numerous for description!

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