Cielo Perforated Dinnerware Collection

Cielo Perforated Dinnerware Collection

by LWW on January 18, 2011

Cielo Perforated Dinnerware by Hering Berlin is ornamentally functional not only as a simple table set, but as a decorative stage to showcase culinary creations.

This biscuit porcelain dinnerware set maintains a lace-like delicacy despite being hardy enough to withstand the dishwasher. Each piece features a smooth, glossy center with surrounded by a lighter than air halo of hand-drilled perforations. The deep serving bowl stands out from the rest of this unique tableware, displaying larger holes that allow the bright colors of fruit or vegetables to show through with character.

We couldn’t image the Cielo Perforated Dinnerware Collection looking bad on any contemporary table.

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