Clever D Apartment by SpaceSpace

Clever D Apartment by SpaceSpace

by LWW on May 15, 2012

SpaceSpace architects needed an imaginative design for a small 5-sided plot in Osaka – the result is an ultra-compact minimal apartment with a fresh, innovative twist.

The D Apartment is a labyrinthine series of living quarters that spirals around an urban interior courtyard. The distinctive curvature puts circulation center stage in more ways than one.

The interesting part is how slim each white apartment is. The corridor-like rooms are a mere two meters across! The architects saved space by avoiding the use of walls as room dividers, taking advantage of the building’s natural curvature to provide privacy between social and sleeping spaces.

Elegant groupings of natural furnishings define the boundaries of each area with no confusion.

A restaurant-style sink table and streamlined shelves all decked out in stainless steel really help to create the lightest possible kitchen. The D Apartment seems so spacious because elegant furnishings lead the eye through the white interior as opposed to demanding rest at any single focal point.

The beautiful D Apartment is definitely a neat piece of structural eye candy.

via: Dezeen

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