Cloud Softlight Mobiles and Pendants

Cloud Softlight Mobiles and Pendants

by LWW on January 27, 2014

These gorgeous Cloud Softlight Mobiles and Pendants have a fitting name and a sunny disposition. The designers at Molo took inspiration from the famous kinetic mobiles of Alexander Calder, the unique rod frames helping to lend these paper-like lamps a sense of weightlessness through fluid motion.

Combine sizes (small, medium, and large) to create an undulating cloudscape – an empyrean canopy of golden light. Each white lamp glows from within, internally lit by bright LEDs for the energy efficient modern home. These lamps pair beautifully with Molo’s Softwall range.

We think that Cloud Softlight Mobiles and Pendants would make a wonderful centerpiece to a spacious room, hung low to serve as a functional sculpture or hung high for smart atmospheric lighting.

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