Converted Schoolhouse in Sweden

Converted Schoolhouse in Sweden

by LWW on July 3, 2012

This quaint family home is brilliant! Located in Eslöv, Sweden, the beautiful Converted Schoolhouse – though built in the 1920s – looks as fresh and modern as ever.

The crisp white interior design and high ceilings create an incredibly spacious atmosphere, grounded by a generous application of warm neutrals. Charcoal rugs and soft fabrics frame the simple furniture arrangements in a beautiful and decisive way.

An old teacher’s dais has been transformed into a smartly cushioned seating area with a great view out the window, one half doubling as a table for gorgeous decorations.

The living room is neat. The accent wall is a bold shade of grass green – a very unusual choice, perfectly suited to such a unique home. A cute bookshelf coffee table, filled with stacks of magazines, is another surprising and inspiring detail. We think the table is something that would make a good DIY project over several weekends.

Decked out with a bright white design and wrapped in nostalgia, this Converted Schoolhouse is full of great design ideas.

via: Automatism

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