Copenhagen White Penthouse 2

by LWW on October 28, 2010

Copenhagen White Penthouse 2

This white home is filled with iconic touches of mid-century modern design, giving white living a classic feel that will stand the test of time. The generous deck features Verner Panton chairs that echo the modern motif carried into the dining room with Eames chairs. The two sets of chairs offer pleasing curves that soften the hard edges of the rooms.

The white penthouse is saved from boredom and given a distinct sense of sophistication by shades of charcoal and black used in limited doses. An interior black wall seems to float above the ground thanks to the glow of indirect lighting shining from beneath the wall’s elevated edge. Three black pendant lights over the long dining room table are perfect punctuation marks in the otherwise white space. NORM Architects has succeeded in creating a gorgeous apartment with a layered white design and warm feeling thanks to the generous graduations from white to black throughout.

You’ll be inspired to play with black, white and gray after viewing the Copenhagen White Penthouse 2.

via: Contemporist

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