Curb Appeal Tips to Refresh Your White Exterior

Curb Appeal Tips to Refresh Your White Exterior

by LWW on December 23, 2012

Some people might consider a white exterior to be the default look, the blank slate before painting – but we know that a deliberate, modern white home is full of character and personality. It’s all about doing white right.

If you have a white home exterior but want to know how to make it look brighter, fresher and more appealing, we have a few ideas to help you get started.

Bringing New Life to White Home Exteriors

We always suggest giving the exterior a good cleaning before making any major design decisions. White exteriors are easy to care for but once they do get dirty, nothing is more shocking and delightful than the before-and-after cleaning shots.

Look for those inevitable spots of grime around the doorbell and near the foundation. These areas are so easy to overlook but they have a major impact on the overall appearance of your home.

Don’t forget the roofline! Fascia and gutters don’t get much attention but even a small amount of discoloration or wear will make the rest of your exterior look dull. Make sure that you have a quality roofline before investing too much time and effort into your project – just imagine installing a new flagstone path only to find it discolored because of leaky, rusting gutters.

We can’t forget to mention the need for eye candy. We love large graphic address numbers for white homes because so perfectly express the personality of the home’s inhabitants. The one thing that we suggest is to avoid “screaming” white accessories because they can make your exterior look dirty by comparison, so try off-whites and light grays for character.

Our last tip is the most important: the best way to make your white home pop is to continue the white throughout the porch and walkway area. A simple white gate or a few lime-washed flowerpots could make all of the difference.

Let us know how you keep your idyllic white home looking fresh and modern. White exteriors are a classic but so difficult to perfect – we’d love to hear your side of the white design story in the comment section below.

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