E-60 Suspension White Lamp

E-60 Suspension White Lamp

by LWW on November 17, 2010

The E-60 Lamp designed by Raoul Raba for designheure combines organic and geometric qualities that successfully create a contemporary piece that is flexible to the needs of any room. The fractal precision of this white suspension light takes on a warm floral quality when turned on, but remains classically understated eye-candy even when not in use.

Sixty glossy polyethylene slivers create a delicate sense of balance in this sensible white lamp. An attractive and unassuming aluminum hanging system securely supports this smooth luminescent opal bouquet.

The airy composition of this white ceiling light accomplishes atmosphere on top of utility without ornamentally upstaging that which it casts light on. The E-60 Lamp creates glowing spatial interaction between the high and low elements of a room, fascinating viewers without being a focal point.

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