Eero Aarnio Outdoor Pastil Chairs

Eero Aarnio Outdoor Pastil Chairs

by LWW on August 7, 2012

Less than a decade after the creation of his iconic Ball Chair, Eero Aarnio won the 1968 American Industrial Award for his most playful creation yet: the versatile Outdoor Pastil Chairs.

The Pastil chair received a warm welcome from consumers, too. These modern chairs rock side to side, back and forth, and they even float on water. The originals are sturdy fiberglass and are appropriate for year-round outdoor use.

We know the white chairs are difficult to find used, and sometimes they are worse for the wear. In these cases, we would suggest letting Etsy give you some inspiration – shop owner JudyGoVintage gave these Outdoor Pastil Chairs a new sense of life with a coat of automotive paint.

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