Fanciful Piercing Mug

Fanciful Piercing Mug

by LWW on August 13, 2013

At first unassuming, this white mug makes a statement with a surprising yet subtle twist. The seemingly ordinary handle stands out with a cute gold earring – a charming way to embrace the classic mug form.

What do you think? The Fanciful Piercing Mug seems like it would be a great conversation starter at the breakfast table, or a cool gift for the body modification enthusiast in your life. The original Atypyk look is fabulous but if you get bored with the default earring, you might be able to do a little DIY work to create your own.

White design has never looked so punk. Don’t worry; your workplace dress code probably doesn’t say anything about rocking a sweet Piercing Mug. ;)

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