Fandango Suspension Lamp by Danny Fang

Fandango Suspension Lamp by Danny Fang

by LWW on May 13, 2013

The elegant Fandango Suspension Lamp is sculptural and interactive, sure to set the imagination alight. Designer Danny Fang seems to have taken inspiration from bouquets and ballets when he imbued this sculptural fixture with such an ethereal sense of movement.

Fandango is an adaptive white lamp that will dance to the tempo you set, made of weightless fabric supported by flexible fiber metal wire. Shape the form according to the mood you want to create. The organic muslin cotton weaves a delicate filigree of golden light but looks just as striking by day, almost like a puff of smoke.

Enchanting, right? We think the Fandango Suspension Lamp would add just the right amount of whimsy to a cozy reading nook, but we could even see it working in commercial spaces like offices and restaurants.

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