Fascinating Like Paper Lamps

Fascinating Like Paper Lamps

by LWW on March 5, 2014

These simple white lamps are more than a little surreal. Instead of the lightweight paper one would expect, each lampshade is actually composed entirely of textural concrete.

The series comes in two designs, the hanging “roof” and the tabletop “hangover”. We absolutely love the table lamp model – it sits crumpled and defeated, giving off a soft diffused glow, very ethereal.

The fascinating Like Paper Lamps by Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung are handmade in Germany and the unique production method ensures that each is one-of-a-kind, ideal for grouping.

Sculptural lighting has always been a mainstay of white interior design, but these lamps are particularly engaging. How would you use these Like Paper Lamps?

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