Faux White Moose Head With Antlers

Faux White Moose Head With Antlers

by LWW on June 9, 2013

Faux White is an awesome Etsy shop that offers creative contemporary interpretations of traditional taxidermy mounts. Their white resin sculptures include classics like bears and gazelle, venturing into the surreal with coral and even a tyrannosaurus rex.

This dapper fellow is known as The Edmonton, the most popular Faux White Moose Head in the collection. He’s our favorite! The designers do offer custom paint options but we love the crisp clean look of the original.

Such a big personality! We would have trouble resisting the urge to put a fun pair of sunglasses on him. What about you?

Moose are incredible creatures – majestic, powerful, and mysterious. This resin sculpture allows you to enjoy the beauty of the animal without the expense or ethical dilemmas of real taxidermy. We’d love to hear what you think about the Faux White Moose Head in the comment section below.

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