FORMA Series from Hayon Studios

FORMA Series from Hayon Studios

by LWW on August 30, 2013

Master designer and doodler Jaime Hayón is constantly inventing new ways to infuse the modern home with a touch of tradition. Born in Madrid but a student of the world, Hayón turned his research toward Japanese porcelain to create the FORMA Series.

The original Kutani Choemon collection featured the decorative red and blue artwork typical of the classic Kutaniyaki style but the designer took a streamlined approach to the FORMA reboot, putting form center stage as the name suggests. The soft white porcelain and delicate gold details are the only ornamentation remaining, and the result is spectacular.

The FORMA Series consists of delicate teacups and multifaceted dishes, kettles and a shapely tokkuri – a fun but elegant set for the modern table.

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