Fresh Contemporary White Kitchens from Wren

Fresh Contemporary White Kitchens from Wren

by LWW on October 18, 2012

The kitchen is undeniably one of the most difficult rooms to remodel – not just from a labor perspective, but from the interior design perspective as well. We’re happy to say that companies like Wren Kitchens are working hard to change this, by making the entire process easier from planning to installation and beyond.

Wren makes the planning phase easier with the fun, functional Wren Planner. It lets you put together your ideal cabinets and fixtures, in 2D or 3D, before arranging them in any way you like. The Wren Planner is a serious tool (powerful enough to plan an entire kitchen layout) and it’s a great introduction to the styles and options available exclusively through their online store and UK-based showrooms.

The planner isn’t all there is to see, though. If you’re a big fan of white design, you’ll definitely want to check out the unique white kitchen ranges from Wren Kitchens in all their glory – the website features great pictures and some fun ideas, too.

We’re really digging the Sade line, a high gloss white kitchen with plenty of sophistication to spare. Wren Kitchens also has a line with bold horizontal wood grain full of attitude for those who seek a more daring modern design; look for it under the name Empson & Aragon Oak. These are just two of our favorites though… Wren Kitchens has dozens of impressive signature designs.
Wren Kitchens also ensures that the most sought-after features come standard. This includes soft-close doors on both cabinets and drawers, and those cabinets and drawers are extra-deep for additional storage. This combination means that your white kitchen will not only be clean and pretty but nice and usable too.

The Wren claim to fame, though, makes all of the difference – the units ship fully assembled, instead of flat packed, and their all-important measuring services are included at no charge. An easy-to-use kitchen that is easy to install, a rare combination indeed. We weren’t lying when we said Wren Kitchens excels at seeing the “whole picture”.

We really hope you enjoy playing with the Wren Planner (it’s a little bit addictive) and we hope you are able to get some inspiration from their fresh modern white kitchen lines, too. There are many great made-to-measure collections out there but Wren Kitchens became an industry leader by staying on top of the trends and creating their own timeless interpretations.

Have you used Wren to design your white kitchen? We’d love to know what you think about their handy planning tools and shipped-assembled modern kitchen lines.

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