Galeria de Arte in Madrid

Galeria de Arte in Madrid

by LWW on September 9, 2013

Photos by Pedro Martinez

The exciting Colección Valzuela has such a beautiful showroom, a canvas in itself. This Galeria de Arte in Madrid is something special. We love the signature style of architects Javier Garcia and Héctor Ruíz-Velázquez, how expertly they utilize form and perspective as part of their interior design repertoire.

The sculptural walls seem to fold into themselves, providing many interesting places to display artwork. These tessellated volumes help to break up the visual plane to create privacy and structure for various display providing the clarity of separate rooms while retaining a wonderfully open atmosphere.

The eclectic collection is just as beautiful as the white interior – sculptures, silver, paintings, and furniture from every era fill the niches and line the walls.

As an online gallery, the Colección Valzuela is easy to access from anywhere in the world. Of course, the best way to view the priceless collection is to visit the permanent Galeria de Arte in Madrid so you can enjoy the full interactive experience.

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