Giving New Life to a Concrete Patio

Giving New Life to a Concrete Patio

by LWW on September 6, 2012

Patios are perfectly suited to small parties with friends, morning solitude with a cup of coffee, and leisurely lunches with the family. Every patio has potential for these reasons alone, but if you are stuck with tired paving slabs then you may be hesitant to use the space at all.

If this is the case, a transformation is in order. We’re always on the lookout for contemporary garden paving designs that work well with existing concrete structures because replacing what exists is not always possible.

Modern paving stones are a great solution for concrete that has lost its freshness. You can lay paving stones over light cracks, a fact we really appreciate, and they are a relatively quick installation. The transformation can be incredible.

Some have even found success by resurfacing concrete (or just adding an overlay polymer blend), stamping the surface with a stone pattern, and texturing it with a specialized roller or mat. These techniques were once hit-and-miss but are now staples of modern patio design. If you are willing to invest in professional application, you can explore the world of color overlays – skilled installers can add fantastic depth and color variation to simulate natural stone. The result is more beautiful than we could possibly describe.

Though both paving stones and overlays will work for slightly damaged concrete, you should only undertake these improvements if the concrete ceased its movements years ago. If your concrete is still shifting and cracking, it might be time to consider ready mixed concrete and a completely new patio.

To consider a completely different situation, we do like the idea of extending the patio area into the yard – especially if your patio seems too small to use. Surround your small “landing pad” style patio with a rock bed and install inexpensive but sturdy paving stones. If you use coordinated materials, it will make the old patio look like a stylish entryway to the new, larger, ground level patio.

Are you excited about giving your concrete patio a fresh, modern look? We would like to hear about your experiences, positive and negative, with patio rejuvenation projects – there is always something new to learn!

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