Hotel Seeko’o by Atelier d’Architecture King Kong

Hotel Seeko’o by Atelier d’Architecture King Kong

by LWW on March 5, 2011

Hotel Seeko’o by Atelier d-architecture King Kong pushes the limits of modern design, holding nothing back to create a unique visual experience inside and out. The word “seekoo” is Inuit for “iceberg” – a fitting name for a hotel that boasts a first-of-its-kind immaculate white CORIAN façade.

You will not find traditional subtle hues here: each of the spacious loft-style suits are decked out in crisp white, rich black, and bold, sensual reds. Decorations are minimal – this designer hotel keeps things clean with soft, modern furniture and sleek high-tech gadgets. A black plastic membrane, surrounded by glimmering lights, covers the ceilings for a dreamy, space-like atmosphere. The entire space open and free – the washroom is separated from the rest of the room by flowing curtains and consists of a luxurious bath built for two, with ceiling air and a water jet showerheads.

Hotel Seeko’o exhibits fearless design and an attitude that invites exploration – proving to be much more than your average architectural masterpiece.

via: Stylepark

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