How to Modernize Your Entrance with an Oversized Front Door

How to Modernize Your Entrance with an Oversized Front Door

by LWW on November 27, 2012

We LOVE the look of oversized front doors! They create a stunning focal point for the exterior, giving homeowners the opportunity to get creative – larger doors always justify big design. This little mini-guide will focus on a few of the fresh ways that white design fans are giving their front doors some supersized appeal.

Making Your Oversized Door Dreams Come True

The double-door design in particular is making a huge comeback. Airy French doors were always a favorite for backyards but chunky wooden barn-style doors with oversized fixtures are getting some serious grand entrance attention.

The minimalist modern alternative doesn’t involve doubling anything but attitude. Showing up in design magazines more and more is the simple, streamlined oversized wooden door with horizontal grooves – or even completely flat doors that make the most of jumbo size with bold bright colors. Glass is still just as “in” as ever, with the growing popularity of double glazed doors that make an expanse of transparency a more efficient option.

Playing with the actual size of your door is still possible without extensive home modifications. Overhead transom windows, for example, make the entrance look larger and brighter. It’s more common now to find transom windows with square panes and thin muntin bars, while arch shapes are typically reserved for traditional applications. Keep it simple to keep it modern.

Transom windows do require a large investment whether above or on either side but you can cheaply increase the perceived width of your front door (extra-wide doors are our favorite type of “oversized”) by using ornamental door shutters. We prefer the ones made out of solid planks of wood instead of slats but the best thing about shutters is the wide variety available.

What kind of extra-large front doors do you like to see on modern homes? Do you have any tips for doors that go great with white design inside and out? Feel free to share your favorite trends in the comment section for others to admire!

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