Huddle Bulbshade Pendant

Huddle Bulbshade Pendant

by LWW on March 12, 2013

An emblem of modernity, this unique light is symbolic of more than just the familiar peaks and valleys of the urban skyline. Meet the Huddle Bulbshade Pendant.

This modern light fixture represents the mega city as a concept, a point that humanity is racing toward with urgency and inevitability. Even the 3-d printing techniques used to create it are, as described by Studio David Graas, the future of modern cities and may one day occupy every street corner.

The unification narrative extends to function – an LED bulb is embedded in the modern white pendant so the unit functions as both bulb and shade, a feature suggested by the name but not immediately apparent when viewing the fixture.

The Huddle Bulbshade Pendant is a modern design based on an imminent narrative, an inspiring piece perfect for any art lamp collector.

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