Nothing Quite Like The Iconic White Bathroom!

Nothing Quite Like The Iconic White Bathroom!

by LWW on December 21, 2011

Oh, the versatile white bathroom – it will never go out of style!

We retreat to the bathroom to relax, to purify our body and mind. What color embodies this purpose better than the color white? It feels clean, it looks clean, and it is easy to keep clean; this sensible color can really make a bathroom shine.

However, general cleanliness isn’t the only reason that white has maintained its popularity. White bathroom suites offer many advantages – it is admittedly easier to find white plumbing fixtures and furnishings than it is to hunt down obscure hues. However, that does not mean that white is the easy way out! On the contrary, white can be as flexible and demand just as much creativity as a varied palette.

Making a White Bathroom Yours

You want your white bathroom to be fabulous. White, when done wrong, can seem sterile and boring (think: hospitals) and that type of atmosphere is never very welcoming. White instantly transforms into a comforting color with the use of soft textiles, sensible lighting, natural accents, fun patterns, and other creative touches. This is where your own brilliant sense of style comes in to play.

Feel free to mix those whites – thinking in terms of “cool, neutral, warm” will help you choose white bathroom furniture that matches your current decor. At first glance, you may not notice those blue, gray, or cream undertones but when you restrict your decor to one of the three groups, you will be able to coordinate like a pro.

We recommend resources like for picture-perfect visual comparisons between designer furnishings.

The classic white bathroom is just as relevant whether you tend to stick with the traditional, go crazy with something chic and contemporary, or experiment with modern minimalism – it is a color scheme that just can’t be beat.

Do you love the iconic white bathroom as much as we do, or do you prefer to take your interior design in a different direction? Let us know why in the comment section below!

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