iPhone Ceramic Megaphone from en&is Design

iPhone Ceramic Megaphone from en&is Design

by LWW on May 21, 2012

Is there a distinct lack of ultra-vintage audiophile accessories in your life? Are you displeased with the impersonal plastic devices dominating the tech industry? The Megaphone by en&is is a throwback to the days when music was far from portable therefore deserved an emphasis on interior design integration.

The Megaphone is a passive amplifier requiring no batteries or power of any kind.

The unique hand-formed ceramic horn sits on a thin wooden frame to amplify and maximize the sound that comes from the speaker of your iPhone. It makes hands-free conversation an experience.

The shape is distinctive and has a sculptural quality all its own. We think it would serve as the perfect party conversation starter, possibly leading to colorful topics like alphorns and gramophones. It certainly has the curiosity factor that white design gadget hunters look for.

Are you enough of an iPhone aficionado to rock the Megaphone from en&is Design?

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