Japanese Apartment transformed into a White Man-shi-yon

by LWW on June 12, 2012

Japanese Apartment Transformed into a White Man-shi-yon

‘Man-shi-yon’ is a euphemism the Japanese long-ago appropriated to describe the generic concrete apartment blocks forming much of Japan’s sprawling metropolises. The tiny units inside are often cramped and outdated by modern standards. The Matsudo Mansion was completely transformed into a contemporary home – BAKOKO’s first project in Tokyo. The modern apartment is designed and inhabited by BAKOKO – fresh Architect duo Kayoto Ohtsuki and Alastair Townsend. This is definitely not a typical project amongst Japanese apartments.

The small 400 sq.ft. unit was completely gutted and transformed into one big room with tatami flooring separated by fusuma sliding screens and a western kitchen. BAKOKO opted for a minimal design for this project. The brilliant tatami mat area serves as flexible space for entertaining, contemplation, and occasional dining during the day. Typical in Japan, futon and blankets are unfolded onto the floor mats from the adjacent closet at bedtime. I can just imagine how this beautiful small white space is easy to upkeep. Thanks Kayoto and Alastair for sharing your inspiring project with us.

Be sure to take a few moments to visit the Before Photos to really get blown away by the transformation.

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