King Residence Reinvents the Modern House

King Residence Reinvents the Modern House

by LWW on April 25, 2013

What do you look for in a home? If your answer includes a nice view, a friendly neighborhood, and a sense of freedom… the King Residence fills these requirements and even surpasses them.

This unique home is another mind-blowing, one of a kind creation by JFAK Architects. Both the social and private areas sit facing the street – behind a largely glass facade. In fact, it reverses the idea of home as a private retreat and firmly anchors the crisp white interior to the outside world.

The casual, midcentury-inspired interior is definitely worth sharing, too. We love that vintage gondola sofa (attributed to Adrian Pearsall) and the lovely pony-print lounge chairs. The dining area creates the same effect despite using all contemporary furniture, with table and chairs custom made by A Single Tree.

Angled cubbyholes scattered throughout the modern interior help to break up the space, providing a clever and visually stimulating alternative to the boring norm of built-in storage.

We’re definitely not used to seeing such a wide open home – but we love the bold architecture and interior design choices! The King Residence is something special and we’re sure that the philosophical implications of the structure are just as noteworthy as the design innovations.

via: decoist

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