Laminate: The Practical Way to do White Floors

Laminate: The Practical Way to do White Floors

by LWW on August 25, 2012

The low cost, low maintenance nature of laminate makes it the perfect choice for white floors. The maintenance factor is what prevents many people from going with white in the first place – nobody wants to repaint the floors or hire professional carpet cleaners, but laminate is quick and easy to clean.

We like laminate because it solves all of the problems most commonly associated with white floors. Paint eventually scratches and chips, light-colored woods are pricy to maintain, and white carpet is an obvious no-no if pets or children make frequent visits.

Laminate, on the other hand, is purely practical. It takes the magic of solid white flooring and makes it into reasonable investment.

White laminate usually has a durable coating to ward off minor spills. Bigger spills may be a concern but we really like the look of rubber mats in front of sinks and near the doorway. Modern rubber mats are cuter than ever. Of course, these measures are unnecessary with any type of widely available waterproof laminate flooring.

Our favorite thing about white laminate is that you can actually replace the panels individually. It may take a day of labor, but you can usually do it yourself and spare the cost of an entire new floor. If a single panel does sustain damage, you can just replace it – this type of flexibility is what makes white laminate such a practical solution for those who want the fresh, bright look of white.

Kids? Pets with sharp nails? Honest clumsiness? White laminate is the solution. Splurging on white carpet or glossy plank floors might be perfect for some people but for the rest of us, there is always reliable laminate.

We love the selection at – click through to find out how fresh white laminate floors can look, especially some of those gorgeous quadruple-beveled planks. They look great!

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