Linea Piu Boutique Interior

Linea Piu Boutique Interior

by LWW on January 17, 2014

Whitewashed walls are only the beginning. Kois Associated Architects took great pains to create a contemporary respite for high-end fashion seekers while remaining incredibly faithful to the Cycladic architecture of the surrounding Mykonos neighborhood. The result is the deliciously simple Linea Piu Boutique.

Beautiful furnishings and fixtures made of glass, metal, and marble are set against a silky white backdrop of bold textural stones. The contemporary display cases of Linea Piu Boutique do not even touch the walls – this space does not blur the lines, but creates a cohesive interplay between two distinct eras in design.

This modern design does its job. Everything on the shelves has a chance to shine its brightest. The Linea Piu Boutique is a lovely canvas.

The first thing we noticed about this neat white boutique is the tree out front, painted to a perfect match. We found out that as great as it looks, aesthetics might not have been the only motivator on this one. This whitewash treatment repels bugs and prevents sun scald, though we love how the crisp line complements the other smooth, organic yet linear forms found throughout the town.

We always welcome your input – what is your favorite part of the Linea Piu Boutique?

via: Contemporist

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