Luxurious White Leather Beds from Time4Sleep

Luxurious White Leather Beds from Time4Sleep

by LWW on October 18, 2012

Are you working on the white bedroom of your dreams? The headboard and bed frame is a great place to start – after all, the bed in general will be your biggest focal point.

Beginning with something bold but basic, like leather, will give you the chance to create a solid foundation for your design while still allowing room for fresh interpretations. Leather is simple, forever contemporary, and subtle enough to “wow” without overwhelming.

You’ll need plenty of inspiration and we know just where you can get it. We recommend Time4Sleep, a company with a deliciously diverse inventory of leather beds sure to give your idea muscle a workout.

Time4Sleep has a great variety of beautiful white leather bed frames that you can’t find anywhere else. Our favorites are the super cool storage beds, a great way to keep extra linins and pillows tucked away out of sight. We really like the Kaydian TV bed too (the hidden television is so discreet nobody will know it is there) but simpler models also have their merits, like the versatile Oslo leather bed frame that would surely complement any white design.

Why white leather? The bedroom is a low traffic area, so it’s perfect for light leather furniture – especially because leather doesn’t hold dust, so you can breathe easier at night. Leather does need a yearly conditioning treatment to keep it soft and supple, but otherwise these beds are extremely low-maintenance pieces.

There are just so many great ways to decorate around these versatile pieces and there are so many styles to choose from, sleek and streamlined or punchy and ornate. Time4Sleep does a great job at illustrating the available variety, with brilliant photos and detailed descriptions.

Do you see any designs that would suit your ideal white bedroom? Do you already have a white leather bed? We always welcome your opinions and firsthand experiences in the comment section below.

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