Mobility Furniture Upgrades for Easy Living

Mobility Furniture Upgrades for Easy Living

by LWW on March 16, 2013

When you live with a physical disability it can be difficult and often exhausting to move around at home, so when you are relaxing you will inevitably want to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. There is a wide range of mobility furniture available to help you, and with the right upgrades to your furniture at home relaxing will be much easier.

Lift Chairs

A lift chair is a very comfortable and very useful piece of mobility equipment for your home if you struggle to get up from or down into a standard chair. Although regular armchairs offer comfort, they are not specifically designed to support your body in the way that a lift chair is.

A lift chair looks like a regular armchair but in its base, it has a battery or AC operated mechanism which allows you to lift it and lower it so that you can be brought to your feet or lowered into a seating position. Using the remote control, it offers a smooth and easy motion for the user to relax into. Make sure when you buy a lift chair, that it suits your height and weight for the right type of support on your back and legs. For details, browse the selection at USMedicalSupplies.

Adjustable Beds

Sleep is an extremely important part of keeping yourself healthy both physically and mentally. A regular bed may not be offering you the correct amount of support and it can be difficult to get into a position that is comfortable for you.

Best choice for your bedroom? An adjustable bed can be moved around and molded to suit your body shape and put in a position that can offer you the most support for your disability. The mattresses on adjustable beds are often split so each person can control their own side and adjust it to their most comfortable position. For example, whilst one person may prefer to lay flat for better back support, the other occupant may prefer a slightly reclined foot or head of the bed to relieve leg or shoulder muscles. The recline settings can also help you get out of bed in the morning or into it at night so that the stress of getting to sleep is no longer an issue.

Furniture Accessories

Although bigger pieces of mobility furniture might be suitable for some disabilities, they can be an expensive purchase for those that just need a little extra support when they are sitting, standing or lying down at home.

Some choices such as memory foam mattresses are popular with people that struggle with pressure points and aching joints during the night for example. Memory foam is designed to relieve pressure and level out your weight so that you aren’t putting too much pressure in one place all at once. Memory foam seating cushions can also be added to arm chairs so that you can benefit from the same type of support when you are seated as well as during the night as you sleep.

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