Modern Cross Hanging Light from FOC

Modern Cross Hanging Light from FOC

by LWW on September 12, 2011

Famous for using the term “blobject” to describe his creations, Karim Rashid is no stranger to stunning, outlandish design – if you’re not yet familiar with blobology, this incredible designer lighting piece is a perfect introduction.

The Cross Hanging Light, available though Freedom of Creation, is a juxtaposition of Rashid’s characteristic symbols overlapping, interacting, and revealing new secrets with every glance. The result is a softly glowing “blobular” cross shape that emits a soft, relaxing glow. The design process is fascinating – a computer file was converted into a real object using a unique 3-D printing technique that layers particles of nylon into incredibly complex forms like the one you see here.

The Cross Hanging Light is certainly unusual, but the design just flat-out WORKS!

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