Modern White and Super Functional Washing Machines from Argos

Modern White and Super Functional Washing Machines from Argos

by LWW on January 9, 2013

Laundry rooms are utilitarian by nature, but a little innovation can go a long way toward making these difficult workspaces look clean and stylish.

The feat is difficult but not out of reach. We’ve seen some very inspirational modern laundry rooms but they all have one thing in common: a solid foundation in good appliance design. These basics become even more important when you’re decorating with white.

Do you want to bring style to your own laundry space? A quick browse through the new washing machines at Argos would make an ideal starting point.

The Argos Selection

The selection is varied and well-curated. Some of the brands are easily recognizable, like Whirlpool and Hoover, but Argos also happens to be a great destination for hard-to-source designer appliances from around the world. Italian brands Candy and Indesit are easy examples but you’ll even discover Argos now stocking washing machines by Bosch, a standard in German engineering.

What type of laundry room style do you have in mind? Fans of striking finishes will love the modern look of the Samsung Ecobubble line, while those who appreciate a subtler streamlined appearance might want to check out the full range of appliances at Bosch. Argos understands the importance of detail to white design aficionados, and their selection definitely caters to the detail-oriented.

Few people consider interior design when picking out a washing machine but we love seeing high design in unlikely places. With resources like Argos at your fingertips, stylish appliances have never been so accessible.

We think the laundry room should be more than just a workspace. You deserve a
comfortable and visually pleasing atmosphere. The laundry room will see hours of use each week between sorting, washing, drying, folding, and ironing so you might as well find ways to enjoy it, right? Argos seems to agree and that’s why their selection serves as such a valuable source of inspiration.

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