Most Useful Style of Stair Lift for Your Home

Most Useful Style of Stair Lift for Your Home

by LWW on February 20, 2013

There are many things that you will need to consider before you buy a stair lift and you probably already know the numerous benefits this kind of equipment can give you and by making simple decisions about the type of stair lift that you need, you can gain more independence, prevent injury and stay safe in the home.

Indoor or Outdoor

An indoor stair lift will sit along your staircase and provide comfort and easy access for you between floors within your home. An outdoor stair lift on the other hand can be used to access your home if you have steep porch steps or any outdoor steps that lead up to the main entrance of your home.

Both are designed for specific uses –for example, the outdoor lift will be weatherproof with waterproof seating, covered power supplies and extra covers so that they can last a long time when fixed to an outdoor stairwell. An indoor stair lift will work in much the same way but because it is designed to be inside will usually have a wider range of seating choices and won’t need the weatherproofing that the outdoor lift requires.

Standard or Heavy Duty

A standard stair lift can generally hold a weight of between 265 and 290 lbs and have a seat width of 18- 20 inches. This will vary because of different brands and their own models but is something you need to check before you buy so that you can be sure the stair lift can support your weight.

A heavy duty stair lift will come with a much larger seat and around a 500 lb weight capacity, and this will enable heavier users to travel with ease up and down stairs without injuring themselves. You can click here for quality stair lifts that are designed for heavier users.

Curved or Straight

Getting a curved or straight stair lift all depends on the type of staircase that you have at home. A straight staircase is the most common in many homes and this means that the stair lift that you’ll need will have a straight track which sits against the incline of the stairs.

A curved stair lift on the other hand is designed for stairs which are curved the whole way up or maybe even just at the top or bottom. This allows access to the next storey of your house without having to get out of the chair to make the last few steps.

Battery or Electric

A battery or electrically powered stair lift are the same designs but just vary in the way that they are operated. They still can be controlled by a remote panel on the chair of the lift. An electric stair lift will run from your mains power source at home whereas a battery is independently powered from the battery unit placed in the lift. Batteries will need charging and power supplies will affect your electric bills, however both types are safe and reliable, so choose which type will suit your needs best.

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