Origami Reindeer Modern Christmas Ornaments

Origami Reindeer Modern Christmas Ornaments

by LWW on December 12, 2011

Get ready for some incredible home decorating ideas – nova 68 has done it again! These Porcelain Origami Reindeer Ornaments have all of the intricacy of carefully folded paper, but look closer! Each one of these modern Christmas ornaments are crafted by hand from natural unglazed porcelain. This gives the character and variation of real origami but with the strength and beauty of textural ceramics.

Experimentation is the key to getting the most out of these unique pieces – we’d love to see these beautiful Porcelain Origami Reindeer Ornaments bounding through our tree, but imagine how great these little decorations would look on a mantle or as part of a creative centerpiece!

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